Top Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island is functional and additional part to kitchen space, the motive behind is to choose a Kitchen Island with style that matches overall design of space.

French Country Kitchen Island:

French Country Kitchen Island

Usually French kitchen style comes in different style and form. French country kitchens look the best in soft, pale colors. The reason behind that is the colors are derived from provincial landscapes. You can think of implementing warm, soft, muted hues in simple tones.

Furniture-type details on the kitchen cabinetry and island add to the comfort and warmth of your kitchen. Comfort and warmth are the quintessence of what a French country kitchen aims to contain. French country kitchens have a tendency to be soft and downcast. Usually, cabinetry takes up the the majority of visual space in a kitchen. It is of utmost importance to use warm surfaces on the cabinets for a genuine feel of French country. Skirted cabinetry, mainly under the sink, is a customary farmhouse-style or country decor detail. It can also be found in French country kitchens as well.

Metallic accents, like wrought-iron detailing, polished or brushed brass and hardware accessories are very nice options when it comes to decorating. Not only this, they also attach an eye-catching stratum of dimension and old-world genuineness.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island:

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

High quality all stainless steel tables are great option for your indoor, outdoor, kitchen needs. Easy clean up when you prep food and can safely be use as a cutting board for poultry and meat.

Tempting to both modern and industrial susceptibilities, this versatile metal surface brings in a diverse sleek and shiny feel to any style of kitchen.

Stainless steel has been a long time staple in commercial kitchens because of its stain-resistant, heat-resistant and scratch-resistant properties. It has went on to become a famous option when going for Kitchen Island.

In stainless steel Kitchen Island, cleaning is very simple even though it is prone to showing smudges and fingerprints. It is not a problem with certain finishes like brushed stainless steel that have the ability to easily get away with fingerprints and smudges. They are also incredibly popular and are on top of the kitchen renovation list of most homeowners. Yet, designing the perfect kitchen island takes both careful planning and proper execution.

  • Butcher Block Kitchen Islands:

Butcher Block Kitchen Islands

Butcher Block Kitchen Island is a one of the popular Island, many butcher blocks finishes and grains allow cooks to chop and prepare meals directly on counter top surface.

Butcher Block is available in variety of species, grains and thickness; it can be cut to your specifications. The surfaces of butcher block kitchen islands can be sealed professionally in order to prevent scratches. Many homeowners prefer this surface specifically because of its sensitivity. This type of kitchen might also endow with an interesting visual complement to modern kitchens.

Available in many standard colors and walnut, butchers block kitchen islands plus tables are side grain constructed. Thus, you are sure to find a style and color to accolade your kitchen.

  • Conclusion:

So at the end points necessary to remember in order to make your kitchen island attractive and reliable:

  • Worry Free Counter top
  • Cook top
  • Extra Sink
  • Mood Lighting
  • Mini Fridge
  • Space Management