Teenage Room Ideas for Girls

Teenagers are very fond of their rooms and this goes especially for girls. Teenage girls are always very close to their rooms and most of the times they do not allow others to step into their rooms because of the close contact that they have with their rooms. It is always very important to put in some thought and some unique ideas in creating perfect rooms for teenage girls because they have a different taste altogether and they always look for uniqueness and elegance in the things that they use be it their dress or their room. Some of the best teenage room ideas for girls have been enumerated below.


Theme-based rooms

It is very important to choose an appropriate theme for the bedroom of a teenage girl because girls enjoy their rooms with the theme that they are based on. It is generally found that girls like retro music so teenage girl rooms can be decorated keeping the musical theme in mind. It is only after deciding on the theme that the other factors of the room decoration can be taken into account. Superhero themes, ballerina themes, fairy themes, cartoon themes and princess themes are some of the popular themes that can be used as ideas for the teenage room for girls.

Use best wall colors

Bedroom designs that are intended for girls come up very well by the use of perfect colors. Some of the most important and popular colors that can be used for painting a girl’s bedroom are purple, pink, sunshine yellow and several pastel shades. The colors should also be selected keeping in mind the size of the room. For small rooms lighter shades should be used because lighter shades make the room appear bigger. For large rooms bright and bold colors like fluorescent green, orange and red can be used because bold colors add a lot of glamour and drama to the room.

Use of different things

A teenage room for girls can be added an extra charm and beauty by the use of different things like photo frames with pictures of the childhood, a bean bag or a new set of bedding. Small things should be intricately collected and then arranged in such a way that they turn out to lend the room a charm and an appeal that can be spoken of. A lively point and a fresh look to the room can also be rendered by the use of a new set of bedding that is not very costly.

Create an organization point

This is something that is not found in many teenage rooms or girls. Often girls are found to be much organized in comparison to the boys but there are some girls who do not like to organize their things always. Parents can try and get an organization point on the walls of the room of such girls here they would be able to settle all their things and keep them organized. This organization point can also be used for putting pictures, favorite souvenirs and notes.

Use the shelves differently

He shelves should not always be used for keeping books and decorative items but they can also be used for placing colorful baskets and bins containing school supplies, hair accessories and even jewelry.