Redesigning and Decorating Your Office for 2016

If you spend a lot of time in the office, then you’ll know how tiring it can become having to stare at the same four walls every day. In fact, the design of your office could be affecting you in ways that you may not have considered. Studies have repeatedly shown that the layout and design of your office can affect your mood, well-being and productivity.

With 2016 rapidly approaching, the time has come for reflection and looking to the future, so perhaps it’s time for your business to revaluate the office and see if there are any changes that can be made to redesign your office space for the new year consider these ideas from Landmark PLC

Redesigning and Decorating Your Office for 2016

Create an open Space

A cramped work space can leave employees feeling cramped too, whereas plenty of light, air and space can be much better for improving productivity and keeping people happy. Sometimes redesigning the office is as simple as rearranging the furniture to maximise on the space you have. Changing the layout of the office can also lead to more natural light and air circulating into the work space, this is not only refreshing but can be a real boost for energy levels.

Make your office more vibrant and add some Colour

There tends to be a uniformity to most offices; white walls and floorboards being the standard aesthetic. However, there’s no reason for you to keep the décor the same all the time, and changing the colour of the walls can be a great way to freshen up the office. Colour can also have an impact on mood and feeling, so be sure to take this into account when considering a redesign. You should aim for a pleasing aesthetic that is also professional. A deep blue, for example, can be a calming colour without being too bold.

New Work Zones and Furnishings

It’s important that your employees can separate work from rest, even in the workplace, so why not try and create new zones in the office and see if it improves things? Designing the office so it’s divided by zones can create a clear environment, including a space for work, an area for breaks and even an area for creative thinking. Design these zones carefully so each area is distinct; the work zone will be where the computers are, for example, while the creative zone may have comfier chairs, whiteboards so you can share your ideas.

The New Year is a time for change and improvement, so why not think about redesigning your office space for 2016? Shaking things up is one of the best ways to refresh the mind and prevent stagnation.