Modern Window Seat Design Ideas

A window seat can be used to read a book, enjoy the sunlight or engage in some creative writing. Well-thought out window seat design ideas help in decorating a useless corner in to favourite spot. A little bookshelf can be designed under the sitting and there can be a storage space for the little knick-knacks. If one can’t make up their mind in how to transform their window spaces into a nice seating ground, they can follow some effective design ideas for the window seats.

1. Window Seat Storage

Even a square inch of space should not be wasted inside a home. Window seat drawers near the kitchen can be a great storage for dinnerware or the bulky pots that people don’t use regularly.

Window seat

2. Kitchen Window Seat

Cushion-top kitchen window seat makes a nice place to rest when one is tired of cooking. Privacy is provided by the shutters, while allowing plenty of outdoor light.


3. Corner Window Seat

This one makes up for a nice little space for the children to enjoy doing their homework or an after-school meal. The big bench provides space for everyone or a tired reader to recline.


4. Pulling up a table

At the time of planning a seat near the window, one should consider to leave some space for a small dining table. It provides for an extra seating when guests start to make uncalled visits.

Dining Window seat

5. Beaded Board

Beaded-board panels help in adding a texture and dimension to the window seat. Easy to install, beaded boards give a finished cottage style look to the space.

Beaded Board

6. Dual-functioning window seat

Window seat can be a brilliant way to hide a radiator or an unsightly plumbing. But one should make sure that it is properly vented, thereby allowing easy access to any of the fixtures.

Window seat venting

7. Dining Area Window Seat

The long and narrow space of the window seat can be fully utilised by combining it with a dining table. Such a configuration allows one to seat some extra guests.


8. Relaxed Seating

Spending afternoons relaxing by the window is no longer a dream as this area can be used for a comforting window seat. Also, the drawers underneath can be filled with some great titles to enjoy an evening read. An adjoining countertop and cabinet provide the perfect spot for making a cup of coffee.

Window-seat for relaxing

9. Window Seat Beverage Area

Placed between a wine refrigerator and wine glass cabinet, this seat provides the perfect setup for the guests to rest, while the hosts prepare a drink.


10. Window Seat Desk Area

As far as the window seat design ideas are concerned, this one here is quite effective. The space near the window can be used as a desk area, while one gets busy helping their kids with their homework. A sconce can be installed above for some late-night reading.

Window seat desk area