Modern Wall Home Decor Ideas to Bring Back Life to Your Home

There are myriads of choices available for decorating the walls within your house. When looked in past decades the modern wall home décor seemed to have witnessed a steep change in aesthetics of modern wall decoration. In today’s world, the focus of wall decoration has shifted from simply filling up the space on the wall to visual interest. The wall decoration ideas combine both style as well as function. There are various objects available for adorning the wall including shelves, tiles, artwork, stickers, or anything that can be put against the wall. Some of the popular decor ideas have been discussed below.

Color adds life to a plain wall

The more muted the tones of the colors, the more modern it becomes. Such colors like pumpkin orange, light wine and sage green are colors that are preferred these days. White and black are colors used by the high end designers as base colors and this helps them to play with the other colors in the room. Many designers paint murals that are complex, depending on the dimensions of the wall, to give the wall a livelier and vibrant touch. This also calls in the use of a number of colors.

Modern Wall Home Decor Ideas

Use of stencils in modern wall home decor

In fact, it is cost effective to use multiple colors and therefore does not require extra investments in artwork. Stickers can also be used instead of framed pictures. The modern trend also works with ceramic tiles for decorating one or more walls of the room. There is a vast range of patterns, colors, and textures in which ceramic tiles are available. The modern decorating aesthetics emphasizes on covering one of the walls with tiles to add a pop of color.

stencils in modern wall home decor

Modern decorating styles

It can go anywhere starting from bohemian and minimalistic to baroque and complex. The more simple decorative styles include sleek white and black photos that are mounted on bold art deco, abstract sculptures and black frames, while the more ornate designs go for grouped pieces for embellishing the entire wall. Some of the modern designers also go for unframed canvasses.

Modern Wall Home Decor Ideas 1

Practical pieces for decorating the wall

The most common aspects in the recent trends of wall decoration are the cubes. The boxes can be filled with just anything that can be used in the creation of an appealing design. The monochromatic clocks can be used for creating focal points. The essence lies in breaking the prevalent concepts of pattern and style to create a new standard. The unframed and disfigured mirrors serve the decorative concept of the modern times well as compared to the more ordered and traditional shapely mirrors.