Home Décor with Tuscan Designs

Tuscan designs for home are inspired from old Europe and are known to bring a dramatic and elegant look to the interiors of a home. These ideas bring in the touch of old charm to your home through a décor that is warm, gently aged and refined. Decorating the home with Tuscan style is little tricky and it should be considered that the elegance of the Tuscan style should cover all the corners of a home starting from the kitchen to the living room and into dining room. The paint colors, wood finishes, home accents and fabrics all should match the old dramatic style of the Tuscan décor.

The features of Tuscan interiors include the sun-baked look mixed with rustic look characterized by crumbling stone patios, sturdy and simple furnishings with elegance of iron accents, textured wall finishing, terra-cotta tiles and elegant mural designs. The rustic color palette of Tuscan design includes earthy and unpretentious hues of Tuscan hillside. The floor designing is done with terra-cotta tiles, worn wood, antique rugs and stone with mosaic inlay. Tuscan décor heavily relies on accessories made of wrought iron like those of light fixtures and candle sconces that reinforce the old rustic look.

Home Décor with Tuscan Designs

Architects generally include the roughly plastered walls with rustic ceiling in a Tuscan style home. The designing includes easy design for windows to get the advantage of natural light and air. Tuscan designs and colors for home décor are the hottest decorating trends today. For redecorating the house, Tuscan design can give the elegant and new look which is inspired by rich colors that are very warm and welcoming.

Tuscan designs are versatile and incorporate the wide range of beautiful materials like leather, wrought iron, marble, copper, terra cotta, tile and wood. They have the diverse color palette that is inspired by Mediterranean’s sky, earth, sun and trees and also includes the shades like brown, orange, red, yellow, deep blue and olive green for a more lively experience. The wide choices of style in Tuscan interiors make it easy to design your home that reflects your own style.

The Mediterranean style belongs to ancient Europe but it can be easily mixed with the contemporary style to suit your taste. Tuscan colors like orange, brown and earthy yellow can be perfectly blended with modern natural colors to enhance the overall appearance of the home.

The design comes in an enormous range that can be accommodated in every room to satisfy the need of interior design from a formal and elegant dining room to rustic kitchen and to an intimate looking bedroom. It is a perfect idea for your home to go for this look.

For the perfect look, just concentrate on five key elements of Tuscan design while getting your home designed. They are color, texture, decorative room and wall treatments, natural look flooring and Tuscan accents and accessories.

The products for this designing are readily available in the market making it easy for everyone to embrace this style. The products include the entire range of paint colors, flooring materials like terra cotta floors, stone sand floors, laminated wood flooring and timber wood floors. The wide array of Tuscan accent and accessories are also available to make the look more beautiful and eye-catching.

Home décor with Tuscan designs is the latest way of decorating with the rustic and contemporary looks and you have to try it to feel it yourself.