Cool Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

If you follow the principle that old is gold, you must be impressed by the shabby chic that are in trend these days, and for decorating them, the cool shabby chic decorating ideas would help you a lot. This style, which was very popular in the 80s, has made a comeback and many of the people are adopting it in their homes. The best part about this style is that it could be created from the recycle waste in your house and you need not spend anything extra on it.

Choose the furniture carefully

The furniture is no doubt the most important part of a shabby chic style. But, you have to choose the right furniture to give the desired look to your home. Remember that you do not have to spend too much on furniture. If you do not already have unused furniture in your home, which you can paint and then decorate, you can buy some stuff from the shops selling second hand furniture. If you are lucky enough to find out direct sellers who want to sell their vintage furniture, you would be in gain.

Use soft colors

You have to decorate the house according to the shabby chic style. This means that you have to follow the color themes and everything about the 80s and not of the modern days. Bright colors were not chosen in the past. Hence, you should also choose soft colors for the walls and for the furniture as well. If you don’t think that there is any need to spend on the paint on the house, what you can do is to choose soft colored paintings.

Cool Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

Fabrics are important

If you think you would be able to do good without making any use of the fabrics, you are certainly wrong. Fabrics not only complement the existing style of the house, but they complete the décor as well. The fabrics would act as nice sound absorbents and they would make your house full. You can choose any kind of fabric that is available in abundance. You can use the fabrics everywhere, on window frames, on chairs and tables, on sofa sets and just everywhere.

Don’t forget the accessories

Accessories are an important part of all the houses decorated in shabby chic style. In fact, the more you employ accessories, the better would be the look of the house. Have a large number of cushions and disperse them on the sofa. Use a large number of paintings to decorate the wall. You can also use a large number of flower vases here and there to decorate the house. You can also hand a chandelier on the ceiling. Lastly, never underestimate the power of fresh flowers, you can use them to decorate the house and replace them daily.

Cool shabby chic decorating ideas discussed above would certainly make your house shine. Do follow them.