9 Tips for Decorating with Textures

One of the most important but often overlooked components of any interior design project is the wall texture. One can always have the most beautiful decorating textures, but care should be taken to make sure that same visual tone is not repeated as it can make it look regular. It should have a perfect combination with the room and wall color. In the following paragraphs there is a short description of the tips for decorating with textures.

1. Different tonal textures

One should try a subtle two tone or two colored effect on the wall, with the combination of a lighter shade on the top and slightly darker shade below it, which can perhaps be separated by a molding. Tonal mixtures are very much attractive otherwise only one shade can look very much flat.

2. Giving a glaze to the paint

Giving a glaze or the glossiness to the paint can add a different beauty to texture. It also looks very much attractive. When the light falls it gives a different shine which looks very much amazing. A glaze can also reflect the natural lighting of the room which can create a warmer effect.

3. Accent one wall

There is absolutely no need to spend money for wallpapering an entire room where one textured wall is all it takes to peak the visual interest. Besides, walls with too many types of wallpaper tend to be much expensive.

4. Get the right scent

Scent is a very important part of a room’s texture, but if it is overpowering then it is not. The most wanted scent is the lavender flavor and the vanilla flavor.

Tips for Decorating with Textures

5. Emphasize the ceiling

Ceiling is an important fifth wall in the room which a lot of people forget and end in painting the ceiling with some uninteresting and dull color. But it has to be as bright to give the room a different textured feel. Complementary colors or shades can be used like a lighter gray ceiling with some medium gray walls  or some bold colors can be used which creates a contrast with the walls.

6. Do not repeat textures

One should not repeat the textures or fabrics on any wall. Instead, you can use different types of textures such as silk, chenille, leather or linen which add beauty to the place.

7. Renovate table top

To be trendy, you can try either raw cotton or an organic tablecloth which has different color variations, other than using a typical white one.

8. Floors

One can use the floor paper or can give the floor a wooden touch to make it more attractive.

9. Layered lighting

Lighting is the most important factor to decorate any room. According to the texture of the wall lights or different shades of light must be kept.