5 Small Decor Ideas That Make a Huge Impact on Interiors

If yours is a small home, then these five décor ideas can make a huge impact on your interiors. The guidelines listed below will help you in knowing the difference between feeling cramped and feeling cozy in the limited space of your home. Decorating the interiors when the space is small or when there are just one or two rooms in your home might be a huge challenge. However, limited space does not mean that you cannot adorn your interiors. Here are some small tips or ideas on decoration with which you can make the most use out of your interior space. Some of the useful décor solutions that can accentuate your interiors are listed below.

1. Use Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains or translucent drapes are inexpensive in comparison to the heavy curtains and they go with almost anything. It is because of this reason that translucent curtains are considered versatile. Your interiors are rendered a warm and welcoming glow by the gauzy texture of these curtains, which diffuses light. Hanging sheer curtains in the interiors, can not only have a huge impact on the interiors, but also change the entire outlook of a specific room.

2. Wallpapering a Wardrobe

Wallpapering a Wardrobe

Instead of wallpapering the interiors, paste bright colored wallpapers on your wardrobe doors. With this decorating idea, you can change the appearance of the room with preferable pattern or color of wallpapers. Busy and colorful prints do not look overwhelming if they are used in perfect moderation.

3. Use Mirrors


Multiple mirrors can not only reflect light and render a layer of interest to the room, but can also help in filling the areas that have not been used. Wall mirrors create a visually pleasing and brighter space in the interiors if they are placed strategically. Mirrors are ideal for spreading natural light and in illuminating the dark corners of your home. At night time, any light source can complement mirrors to create an excellent atmosphere in the home.

4. Paint the Cabinets

Paint the Cabinets

It is not being said that you should paint all the cabinets in bright colors because this will create a jarred look in the interiors. But you can always use some hint of bright color on windowed cabinets, to add an element of interest to your house. This also turns out to be very easy because with a change in taste, you can repaint the cabinets according to your taste and choice.

5. Miscellaneous

Free tabletops and floor space by making use of vertical space. You can choose to line the walls with bookcases and shelves for storing functional or ornamental objects as a decoration. Place portable furniture in the closets and use them only when extra seating is required for the guests. Use decorative slipcovers for dressing up the chairs.

It is not such a difficult task to decorate small spaces. You just need to use your brains and your creative sense. These five décor ideas for adorning the interiors will surely help in improving the look and feel of your interiors.