5 Best Small Space Decorating Ideas

Small space decorating ideas allow converting a small space in your home to a cozy family corner. With the real estate’s price reaching the sky, a common man can only afford to have a small space in his apartment. Each and every space available in the apartment has to be used well. Don’t you have any idea for decorating a small space? No! Not to worry! Here are a few of them.

1. Using mirrors at the entrance

Mirrors create an illusion of space. If your home has a small space when entering it, you can place a small mirror at the entrance. This would create an impression of large space when a visitor enters your home. A great decoration idea would be to place a small antique bordered mirror just at the entrance of your apartment. If you have a small living room, you can cover an entire wall with a mirror and place lighting over the mirror. This would give the impression that you have a large living room with abundant light flooding in it.

2. Converting a small area into a photo gallery

Do you have a small space in your living room which is being wasted? You can convert this small corner into a gallery of your family photographs. The frames of these photographs can be customized as per your room décor needs. When buying the frames you should remember that they should be simple and not be very overbearing and mask the beauty of the photographs.

Best Small Space Decorating Ideas

3. Floating shelves

Bathrooms are getting smaller, although you need quite a few shelves to store your bathroom essentials in them. If you have a small bathroom you can have use floating shelves in them and store your bathroom essentials in them. The best thing about these shelves is that they are functional and provide great storage space in them.

4. Using potted plants in small areas

If you have been brought up in a small town you always fret over the fact that you do not have greenery around you. Well, now is your chance of changing this traditional thinking by adding beautiful small potted plants around your home. Now days there are different varieties of small potted plants available in various plant shops which sell indoor plants. Depending on the room décor that you have, you can place a few of them in the small areas in your apartment. This would be pleasing to the eye and great for your health too.

5. Proper utilization of space

Small apartments have forced us to think out of the box. Here, each furniture item that you have should be able to do its functions well and also be used as a storage space. One of the amazing5 small space decorating ideas is to use a bed in your bedroom, which also stores clothes and bedding underneath it and this makes it a good example of using space well in your small city apartment.