10 Stylish Mirrors for Decorating Your Bedroom

Make your bedroom look more attractive by adding swanky mirrors. Find out how you can deck it up with the help of this guide to ten stylish mirrors for your bedroom. You don’t have to redecorate your entire bedroom to make it more appealing. Just add a mirror that best suits your room décor and be surprised! Have a look at what suits right for your bedroom to make it more cozy and appealing.

1. Lengthen the room with tall mirrors

Lengthen the room with tall mirrorsGo for floor-to-ceiling length mirrors in order to visually elongate the space of your bedroom. Tall mirrors trick the eyes into making a room look big. If space is an issue, tall mirrors can make a difference. These are best suitable for kids’ bedroom. Your kids will be delighted to find their place broad and beautifully shining with mirrors.

2. Geometric framed mirrors

Geometric framed mirrorsIf you are a person of unique tastes and preferences, consider going for geometric shaped frames for your bedroom mirrors. These frames provide more detailing and add an element of interest to the walls. Mirrors are framed in a strategic way in order to highlight the room.

3. Add drama with two mirrors

Add drama with two mirrorsMake your bedroom look dramatic by placing two huge mirrors on either side of your bed. Choose mirror frames in colors that go with your bedroom design. You can hang small chandeliers or candle holders over the mirrors to make it look a little mellow and romantic.

4. Brighten the room with large mirrors

Brighten the room with large mirrorsA simple, yet a great way of emphasizing your bedroom, is by placing a large mirror against a wall at the foot of your bed. You can pick your frame from simple to ornately designed ones. Match the color of the frame with the color pattern of your bedroom. This also adds some fun element to the room.

5. Mirrors on the wall

Mirrors on the wallMirrors placed on walls in a right manner transform your room to a stylish one. Consider fixing mirror panels to make your bedroom look modern and trendy. Placing them over the headboard of your bed makes it look more appealing than placing them at the end of the bed.

6. Frame a mirror in parts

Frame a mirror in partsIf you don’t feel like going for a huge room-length mirror on the wall, consider framing it in parts to make it appear less imposing. The framework adds detailing to the mirror and also accentuates your bedroom. The framed mirror gives a feeling of space and adds to the beauty of your room.

7. Large framed mirrors

Large framed mirrorsChoose a frame with detailed carving for a large mirror to create a bold look. This piece will instantly become the focal point of your bedroom. Choose a frame color that contrasts the walls of your bedroom for creating an impact.

8. Round-shaped mirrors

For a dazzling, yet a dreamy look, you can go for multiple round-shaped mirrors in your bedroom. Arrange them in an elegant pattern on the wall beside your bed. You can choose contrasting colors for the frames to create an attractive appeal.

9. Sunburst mirror

Installing a large sunburst wall mirror is a great way of adding charm and elegance to your bedroom. You can choose one in silver or gold to compliment your bedroom color decor. Sunburst mirror acts as a centerpiece of attraction in your bedroom. Place it on the wall above the headboard of your bed to create an impact.

10. Jeweled wall mirror

For a rustic look, you can go for a jeweled mirror in your bedroom. The metal framed jeweled mirror adds shimmer and style to the walls. You can choose from square, round to oval shaped mirrors. Jeweled framed wall mirrors add an element of celestial beauty to your bedroom.