10 Decorating Ideas for Book Lovers

If you love reading books you would highly appreciate these 10 decorating ideas for book lovers. Instead of storing them neatly in an open cupboard, you can use various decorating ideas for your heart’s content depending upon your personal taste. These ideas would help you to feel proud regarding your literary taste and also help you to inspire somebody new to start reading books.

1. Decorating your room with stylish bookends

A bookend is a simple support object which is used at both ends to support the books in an upright position. Now days you get a great variety of stylized book ends and you can use them to decorate your room and also organize your large volumes of books.

2. Framing your favorite book pages

As an avid book reader, there are times when you read something and it leaves an impression in your mind. You would love to share these pages and help others to enjoy them too. A very good way is to make a Xerox copy of the specific page and write the main paragraph on it using a blank ink. Later you can frame the book page so that people can read it and enjoy its essence.

3. Showcasing old editions

There is something magical about books in their old editions. If you decorate your room with them you would add a classical elegant style to it without creating much change in the ambience.

4. Using bookshelves with decorative pieces

If you notice closely you would see that the books would come in different colors with different binding covers. You can make them attractive by placing similar colored bounded books together in a modern white book shelf and placing a few decorations in between each bunch of books. When a person enters your room, he would compliment your taste.

Decorating Ideas for Book Lovers

5. Cloth bound book boxes

If you are an avid reader you would have a large collection of books which are kept in a large box. You can pick up your favorites and place them in a cloth bound book boxes which are easily available today in many popular online stores.

6. Decorating the room with new edition books

Book publishers manufacture new editions of books using colorful vibrant colors. You can buy these new editions and add vibrancy in your room in no time.

7. Invest in book photography

If you do not have much space but still would want to decorate the room with books, then decorate the room using book photography. These photographs showcase different books in beautiful surroundings. The result is that your room becomes a part of the ambience reflected in the photograph.

8. Showcase your favorite quote in a graphic pillow

Now day’s technology has advanced to such a level that you can have your favorite quote written in your pillow and rest on it. These pillows are representation of your individuality and you would like to show off them off to your family and friends.

9. A carved wooden coffee table

Using a carved coffee table is a great way to decorate the room. It is simple and classic.

10. Use coffee table books

A variety of coffee table books can be placed on the table and this would make the room vibrant. It is one of the easiest ideas among 10 decorating ideas for book lovers.