10 Best Wall Coverings Ideas

The 10 best wall covering ideas are the ones that can easily work as a quick method of revitalizing a single room or the entire home. There are many wall covering ideas but people do not think differently and they generally choose wallpaper or paint as their chief wall coverings. Before you move ahead and pick the latest color for your wall, try taking some time and consider the range of decorative and interesting wall coverings ideas that can be of great help in transforming the look of your house.

1. Paint


Paint is an obvious choice if you are looking for a cost effective way of covering the walls of your house. Paint can also be applied very easily. However, try to be creative while choosing paint colors for your house and at the same time try coordinating your walls. Try to mix and match with colors intended for small and large areas of your house. Try using variable painting techniques from color washes and stencils to stippling and ragging.

2. Wallpaper


Wallpapers these days are available in stunning patterns, textures, finishes and colors and these help in providing different effects. However, the convenience of cleaning wallpapers and durability are two important factors that you should keep in mind while choosing wallpapers as wall coverings for your house.

3. Tiles


We are generally of the view that tiles can only be used for covering the walls of the bathroom and the kitchen but it is a completely wrong conception. Tiles can also be effectively used in the form of a unique design and style in any of the rooms of your house. There are an array of tile designs and patterns you can choose from.

4. Bricks


Faux as well as natural bricks can also be of great help in creating a cozy ambiance in the recreational space or the living room in your house. The brick walls are very trendy these days and they render a traditional look to the house.

5. Mirrors


Mirrors serve as great design choices if you are on the lookout of increasing space in your room. Do not cover all your walls with mirrors because this would not look good, but you can have at least one wall with a mirror. Mirror coverings for a wall greatly add to the sensitivity o width, height and length of a room.

6. Vinyl covering

Vinyl covering

Vinyl is the most popular and best known wall covering that aids in creating a tempting and a fresh look for the interiors of your house.

7. Relief or embossed covering

Relief or embossed covering

This variety of wall covering possesses a certain relief pattern intended to render texture to the walls of your room. It is considered to be the best alternative for hiding cracked, damages and uneven walls.

8. Fabric covering

Fabric covering

This is another good variety of wall covering made from woven textiles possessing a very heavy paperback. Fabric wall coverings are extra resistant to moisture and grease.

9. Foil wallpaper

Foil wallpaper

Mylar or foil is a metal coating that is highly reflective and it can help in adding a luxurious look to the walls of your house.

10. Flocked paper

Flocked paper

It possesses a velvety texture and is also good at covering up wall imperfections. Flocked paper comes in the form of an obsolete style wall covering among the 10 best wall covering ideas.