Knowing What Is Architecture and its Role in Modern World

Architecture is basically a Greek word which means mason, carpenter or constructors. In the modern days Architecture refers to the construction, building and designing. The word ‘Architecture’ is most commonly associated with construction these days. The architecture of a house, building or any structure depends on its design, material and planning. If someone is thinking of what is architecture? Then it is very easy to understand in layman terms. Each day we come across or see the construction of massive building projects like sky crappers, bridges, shopping malls, commercial centers and independent bungalows. All of them are constructed and created based on architecture. And the person who plans and does the architecture is called the ‘Architect’.

What is architecture?

History of architecture

The history of architecture is more than 1000 years old. And one of the evidence of the architecture in medieval times is some of the wonders of the world which are still standing tall after thousands of years like the Great wall of China, The Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Pyramids of Egypt and many more ancient buildings. The most professional architecture design was constructed around 1 AD when the Roman architecture has started building cathedrals and churches in the entire Europe which still mesmerize the visitors. The Mughal architecture is also very famous and popular in the ancient times. There lies huge difference in the Roman and Mughal architecture especially in their designs, but there were some similarities as well.

Consider the following to know what is architecture?

There are many things that need to be considered while designing the modern day architecture. These days, the architects have got many tools and techniques because of which they are designing much better and beautiful architectural designs. One such example of the modern architecture is the Burj Kalfia in Dubai. This 163-floor tallest building of the world is built on soft dessert sand yet it is still beautiful and strong. Today the architects use the advance 3D modeling techniques to get the exact dimension of every inch and every millimeter of the structure through GPS navigation system.

Challenges and hurdles in the architecture

Though, architecture seems to be a very creative filed, but there are many limitations and hurdles that come in. If someone has still not got the answer of what is architecture? Then they also need to go through the limitations and hurdles that are involved in the architecture. The biggest hurdle is the engineering obstructions. The mapping of the structure and removing the engineering obstructions such as design restrictions gives lot of troubles to the architects. On many occasions budget also causes the hurdles and obstructions in designing and execution of the architecture.