The Main Traits of Modern Home Architecture

When speaking about architecture, the words modern and contemporary cannot be treated as synonyms. Modern means the use of modern architecture where great changes have taken place in the use of materials and designs for the creation of buildings for residential and official purposes. Modern home architecture does not make the use of sentimentality and ornamentation.  It rather uses superior function and clean lines along with de-constructivism and post-modernism. Some of the main traits of modern architecture in homes have been listed below.

Open floors

Open floors

Modern architecture believes in designing open kitchen, living and dining area that consists of a fireplace that can be used for major gatherings. Previously it was found that the architecture used in homes believed in making use of space and split level floors but modern architecture is more prone towards the use of fewer walls and open floors in the interiors.

Beam and post architecture

In modern architecture pony walls are used in place of interior walls that function like support walls that appear like room dividers. The pony walls are a little short and they do not touch the ceiling extending from the floor so that the rooms are separated but light can be shred within the rooms.

Materials are focused

The modern homes are built out of materials like brick and wood along with the use of newest technologies like floor heat, foundations of slab concrete and many other unique traits that are not found in the traditional architecture.

Modern Home Architecture

Sustainable and natural components

Modern architect are always very clear about the importance of staying in contact with nature and it is only because of this reason that modern architects make use of granite countertops and bamboo floors and even of green plants for the construction of modern buildings and homes.

Natural light

The modern homes that are found now-a-days are constructed believing in the use of natural light that is skylight by way of having large windows and sliding doors that allow sun shine. The homes that are constructed by making use of large windows and doors in order to allow natural light in the rooms are also considered to be energy efficient because such homes do not require electronics for lighting up rooms. Energy efficiency of these homes also saves on the costs of the people who own such homes.

Lays stress on lifestyle

Modern homes that use modern architecture are constructed keeping in mind the outdoor activities of people. These homes possess many modern amenities that are not only lavish but worth having in the outdoors. Alfresco kitchens along with refrigerators and warning drawers are some of the features of outdoor amenities found in modern homes. The modern architects have this very clear in mind that the outdoors are not only used for barbeques but they can also be used for spending some time with nature and therefore they put much stress on making outdoors that are eco friendly, harmonious and relaxing. These are some of the best and most important traits of modern home architecture that people are widely looking for these days.