The Characteristics of Modern Residential Architecture

The architects in the present era are more inclined towards creating buildings that are not very similar to cardboard boxes but ones that are considered to be impressive and that carry art and great personality. Modern architects use different types of colors, shapes and materials for the purpose of building architectural pieces that work as landmarks and are not used only for residential purpose. There are different characteristics of modern residential architecture and they have been discussed below.

Simplicity in design and form

There is no unnecessary elements and clutter found in modern architecture. The goals in this type of architecture are clarified right in the beginning and only the special features that are needed in the entire design are included. The main focus of this type of architecture is on the space being used rather than the details and décor of the entire design. Modern architecture is clear, simple and functional. Modern architecture can be strict in design while there are forms of this type of architecture that can be aesthetic also. The modern architecture that is being used for residential purposes now-a-days makes use of different textures, furnishings and colors and it is therefore considered to be unique.

Modern Residential Architecture

Lays stress on minute details

Modern architecture looks forward towards pondering on the inner workings of the home rather than hiding them. The materials used in this type of architecture are showcased and are shown in the natural form that they exist. There is nothing hidden and altered in order to make it look something else. The structural elements of architecture are also shown in order to give a distinct idea of supports and structures.

Love for linear

Modern architects love using lines and it is only because of this reason that there are a lot of lines found in modern designs. There are vertical features, linear elements and bold horizontal elements found in modern architecture. There are different types of posts, beams, windows, cutouts, fireplaces, staircases and different structural elements that are created by the use of lines. Lines are considered to be very important in modern architecture and the lines are generally used as angled and straight rather than being curved.

Roof lines are bold

Previously there were craftsmen style and triangular roof lines used in architecture but modern architecture uses multiple roof lines that are complex in structure. Elongated ceilings, interesting overhangs, linear elements are all used for the creation of unique statements in modern architecture. Modern architecture focuses more on exterior designs that are sculptural and at the same time artistic.

Use of windows

In modern residential architecture the windows are used extensively for the design of the homes. Windows stretch from the floor to the ceiling along with sliding doors to bring in light and also for the preservation of privacy. This type of extensive use of the windows is not found in traditional architecture where more stress is laid on the walls and the ceilings of a building or a residential home.