Eco-friendly Air Conditioner Options

Most people who want the comfort of staying cool in their home during the warm summer months know that an air conditioner is the way to go. Trying to use other methods to keep your home cool often fall short and leads to frustration, but, at the same time, if you’re going to make the effort to upgrade into an air conditioning system, you probably want to do so with benefits that are also eco-friendly, as well. Thankfully, there are numerous eco-friendly options on the market today to keep your home cool, affordable, and decrease your carbon footprint.

More people want a solution that promises not just environmental benefits but financial and comfort ones, too. Being able to shut out the heat and relax inside your cool home is a must for many families all over the U.S. during the sweltering summer months. 

Eco-friendly Air Conditioner Options


Ductless air conditioning

One of the biggest hassles of installing central air conditioning is that if you live in an older home or a home where the ductwork was never done, you have to budget in this additional cost for installation. Furthermore, some people simply don’t want the ducts located all throughout their home and would prefer the benefits of the more eco-friendly, ductless air conditioner. The added bonus of going with a ductless air conditioner is that you can install it more quickly, potentially by yourself, and you do not have to worry about an environmental impact either. The lower cost makes it a no-brainer to consider ductless mini split AC. 

Geothermal heating and cooling systems

A home geothermal system can be another eco-friendly option for you, but it can be more expensive to install at the outset. This system creates four units of heat, based on one unit of electricity. A heat pump will circulate liquid through pipes, located in the ground, and the liquid responds to the ground temperature and then goes back up to the heat pump. This system doesn’t rely on fossil fuels or use a lot of electricity, so it’s very kind to the earth. 

Hybrid solar air conditioners 

Hybrid solar air conditioners use both batteries and solar power to run. When the sun is shining, the air conditioner uses the solar energy for power, while additionally charging the appliance’s batteries. When battery backup power is required, an alternating current power is used to charge the batteries. Sometimes these systems can run off just one solar panel, making them possible for someone who wants to keep their remodeling costs low.

No matter what you choose, you deserve to have a system that works for you. Depending on your requirements, this might involve considerations of eco-friendly options and overall cost to install and maintain in your home. Running a cost comparison and considering the various features of each can help you narrow down your choices when there’s a lot to consider. Finding that ductless A/C can accomplish all of these goals might encourage you to make this choice and move forward with the installation.